Water Ring Pelletizer for PP and PE Plastic Film/Woven Bags

Water Ring Pelletizer for PP and PE Plastic Film/Woven Bags,Plastic Pelletizing,Plastic Granulating,Plastic Granulation


The recycling of PP and PE plastic films and woven bags has always been a complex process, requiring multiple steps and machines. The Water Ring Pelletizer for Clean PP and PE Plastic Film/Woven Bags is an advanced solution that streamlines this process by combining crushing, compacting, plasticization, and pelletizing into a single stage. This results in high-quality pellets that can be directly used in various production lines, enhancing your bottom line.

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Working Principle

  1. Feeding: The machine employs a belt conveyor to feed plastic scraps like films and raffias into the compacting room. For roll scraps, an optional roll hauling off device is available. The feeding speed adjusts automatically based on the compactor’s room capacity. A metal detector can also be integrated to halt the system if metal is detected.
  2. Shredding and Compacting: Rotatory blades in the compactor cut up the incoming scraps, generating frictional heat that shrinks the material just below their agglomerating point. This optimally designed guide structure directs the material into the extruder screw, enabling fast and stable feeding.
  3. Plasticization and Degassing: A specialized single screw extruder gently melts the pre-compacted material. A double-zone vacuum degassing system efficiently removes volatiles, making it especially suitable for heavy printed film and moist materials.
  4. Melt Filtration: The machine employs a segmented filtering principle to reduce the frequency of filter sieve changes, ensuring a smoother operation.
  5. Water-ring Pelletizing: This is the standard granulating method used, coupled with an advanced dewatering vibration sieve and horizontal-type centrifugal dewatering for high-performance dried pellets.

Technical Specifications

Model Size Efficiency Volume (Liter) Motor Power (KW) Diameter of screw (mm) L/D Motor Power (KW) Throughput Rate
RM80 300 37 80 36 45/55 160-220
RM100 500 55 100 36 90/110 300-380
RM120 800 90 120 36 132 450-480
RM140 1000 110 140 36 160/185 500-650
RM160 1200 132 160 34 220/250 800-1000
RM180 1400 315 180 34 315 1000-1200


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The Water Ring Pelletizer for Clean PP and PE Plastic Film/Woven Bags offers an optimal and advanced solution for plastic recycling. By streamlining multiple processes into a single stage, it not only improves efficiency but also contributes to a more sustainable future.


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