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The picture presents a surface grinding machine, a type of precision grinding equipment used in metalworking to produce flat, smooth, and accurate surfaces on metal workpieces. Key Components and Features: Grinding Wheel: The rotating abrasive wheel, typically located at the top or side of the machine, is the main component responsible for grinding the workpiece surface. Worktable: The worktable, often with a magnetic chuck or clamping system, holds and supports the workpiece during the grinding process. Reciprocating Table Movement: The table moves back and forth horizontally, bringing the workpiece into contact with the grinding wheel to achieve the desired surface finish. Grinding Wheel Head: The grinding wheel head houses the spindle and motor that drive the grinding wheel. Coolant System: The blue container with hoses and a pump likely constitutes the coolant system. Coolant is essential in grinding operations to reduce heat, lubricate the grinding process, and remove metal chips. Control Panel (Not Visible): The machine would typically have a control panel for operators to adjust settings such as table speed, grinding depth, and coolant flow. Applications and Uses: Precision Machining: Surface grinding machines are used in precision machining applications to achieve highly accurate and smooth surfaces on metal parts. Tool and Die Making: They are essential in tool and die making for producing flat and parallel surfaces on dies, molds, and other tooling components. Flattening and Finishing: Surface grinders are used to flatten and finish metal plates, blocks, and other workpieces. Removing Surface Defects: They can remove surface defects such as scratches, burrs, or oxidation from metal surfaces. Benefits of Surface Grinding: High Precision: Surface grinding can achieve very tight tolerances and high surface quality. Versatility: These machines can handle a wide range of materials and workpiece sizes. Efficiency: Surface grinders offer efficient material removal and can improve productivity in metalworking operations. Overall, the surface grinding machine is a crucial piece of equipment in the metalworking industry, enabling precision finishing and ensuring the quality and accuracy of machined components.

The RT-1600 series knife grinder is a high-quality machine that incorporates advanced German technology. Made from durable steel, it offers exceptional performance and precision. The worktable of the machine is equipped with a powerful electromagnetic chuck for securely holding knives at an adjustable angle range of 0-90°. This makes it suitable for grinding various types of cutting tools. With its stable operation, low noise level, and high grinding accuracy, this machine stands out in terms of performance.

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  • Maximum pre-grinding width: Based on 22°, 180mm
  • Grinding head fixed travel speed (speed adjustable)
  • Grinding wheel has automatic and manual feed options
  • Gear rack frequency converter for drive control
  • Electromagnetic chuck knife holder table
  • Knife holder rotation: Manual transmission

Technical Specifications

RT-1600 Automatic Knife Grinder
Model NORT-1600
Max Grinding Length and Width1600*180mm (customized length is also available)
Chuck TypeMagnatic Chuck
Grinding Angle Adjustment+90°
Vertical Travel of Grinding Head200mm
Auto Feeding Depth of Grinding Head0.002-0.2(mm)
Wheel size (mm)w200x100
Travel Speed of Grinding Head0-20m/min (adjustable)
Grinding Precisions0.03mm
Grinding speed1450r/min
CoolantSynthetic cutting fluid
Grinding Motor Power6.5kW
ifting Motor Power for Grinding Head1.1kW
Reciprocating Motor Power for Grinding Head0.125kW
Grinding straightnessS+0.01mm/m

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