Centrifugal Dryer Dewatering Machine

Centrifugal Dryer Dewatering Machine

Working Principle

The Centrifugal Dryer Dewatering Machine plays a critical role in the plastic recycling industry. It is engineered to efficiently remove moisture from plastic materials, which is crucial because moisture content can significantly affect the quality and performance of recycled plastics. Moisture can cause defects, reduced strength, and increased brittleness in the final product and hinder the efficiency of downstream processes like extrusion and injection molding​.

The machine operates on the principle of centrifugal force. Plastic fragments or pellets are placed into a spinning drum, which, when rotated at high speeds, forces moisture out through the drum’s perforations. This results in drier plastic materials with significantly reduced moisture content, which is essential for high-quality recycled plastics​.

The benefits of using a Centrifugal Dryer Dewatering Machine in the plastic recycling process are manifold:

  1. Enhanced Product Quality: By minimizing moisture-related defects, the machine ensures that recycled plastics are of high quality, with improved physical and mechanical properties, making them suitable for a wide range of applications​.
  2. Increased Processing Efficiency: Materials with lower moisture content are easier to process, leading to smoother operations during extrusion, injection molding, or compounding. This results in reduced downtime, higher throughput, and greater productivity​.
  3. Energy and Cost Savings: Since the machine reduces the moisture content before further processing steps, it lowers the energy needed for heating and drying. This leads to cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint​.
  4. Waste Reduction: By ensuring that the recycled plastics meet industry standards, the machine reduces the probability of product rejection, waste generation, and the need for reprocessing. This contributes to a more sustainable circular economy by optimizing the quality of recycled materials​.

With the growing demand for recycled plastics, centrifugal dewatering machines are becoming increasingly important. These machines allow recycling facilities to produce materials that can compete with virgin plastics, encouraging a shift towards a more sustainable and circular economy. The addition of automated controls and real-time monitoring could enhance the efficiency and precision of these machines even further, indicating continuous innovation in this sector​.

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Technical Specifications

Model #:Motor Power:Main Shaft Diameter:Rotating Speed:Capacity:
HXJ40037KW400mm1400 RPM400 – 800 KG/H
HXJ55045KW550mm1200 RPM600 – 1000 KG/H
HXJ75055KW750mm1080 RPM1200 – 2000 KG/H


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