Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder/Pelletizer

Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder-Pelletizer


In the realm of plastic recycling, the Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder/Pelletizer stands as a beacon of advanced technology. This high-speed, co-rotating machine is your all-in-one solution for compounding needs, offering unparalleled reliability even in demanding jobs. Whether you’re dealing with plastics laden with fillers, reinforcing fibres, or heat-sensitive additives, this machine is your go-to solution.

Working Principle

The Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder/Pelletizer comes standard with patented Heat Wave Stabilization™ technology. This ensures even heat distribution throughout the barrel, creating an ideal environment for plastic pelletizing. The co-rotating screw shafts blend the molten plastics evenly, further enhancing the quality of the pellets produced. For those with specific needs, counter-rotation extruders are also available.

Technical Specifications

  • Heat Wave Stabilization: Ensures even heat distribution.
  • High-Quality Material: Made of blended steel strengthened with gas nitriding technology.
  • Hydraulic Screen Changer: Allows for continuous operation during screen changes.
  • Versatility: Can be coupled with a single-screw extruder for better material extruding.
Model:Screw Diameter:L/D:Driving Motor:Output:
SHJ50/RM120⌀50.2mm / ⌀120mm24/48, 7/2037-45 KW / 30-37 KW150-300 KG/H
SHJ75/RM150⌀62.4mm / ⌀150mm24/48, 7/2055-75 KW / 37-45 KW150-300 KG/H
SHJ75/RM180⌀71mm / ⌀180mm24/48, 7/2090-110 KW / 45-55 KW300-600 KG/H
SHJ95/RM200⌀93mm / ⌀200mm24/48, 7/20132-135 KW / 55-75 KW500-1,000 KG/H


Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder-Pelletizer-02

Additional Features

Depending on your pelletizing preference, you can opt for either “melt pelletizing” or “strand pelletizing.” Additional components like a water-ring cutter or pellets granulator with a water tank can be added. To further automate the process, a vertical dewatering machine with a blower to a product silo can also be implemented.


The Twin-Screw Plastic Extruder/Pelletizer is not just a machine; it’s a comprehensive solution for your plastic recycling needs. With its advanced features and robust build, it doubles the efficiency of your operations, promoting a more sustainable future.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.

All of our products can be customized according to customer requirements.


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