PP/PE Film Shredding and Densifying Plastic Recycling


In the realm of environmental preservation, plastic recycling plays a pivotal role. Among various recycling methods, the PP PE film shredding and densifying line has emerged as a game-changing technology. This innovative process transforms dirty bales of PP/PE films into densified products, ready for chemical application or conversion into plastic granules through pelletizing.

The Working Principle: A Step-by-Step Process

1. Shredding

The journey begins with a robust shredder, specifically designed to break down compacted bales of plastic films. As these bales are shredded, they fall onto a conveyor belt, prepared for the next stage of processing.

2. Wet Granulation

The shredded material enters a wet granulator or crusher. Here, heavy-duty knives spinning at high speeds cut the material into small flakes. A screen controls the flake size, ensuring they are sufficiently small for the subsequent densifying process.

3. Sink/Float Separation

Flakes move to a sink/float tank – a large water tank that simultaneously cleans, wets, and removes contamination. As the flakes travel along the tank, propelled by large rotating paddles, the plastic film floats on top while contaminants sink to the bottom, ensuring effective separation.

4. Squeezing and Densification

The final crucial step involves the squeezer. Here, the clean plastic film undergoes densification into irregular pellets using a large screw and heaters. This process significantly increases the density of the finished product to approximately 350-410 kg/m3.

Technical Specifications and Customization

The densified material post-squeezing is typically around 50 mm long. For applications requiring smaller sizes, an additional granulator can be added at the end of the process.

Our multifunctional extrusion dryer offers several benefits:

  • Reduces moisture content from 30% to 3% (for thin film material from the cleaning line)
  • Increases surface density by up to 10 times
  • Compacts the processed material effectively

All our recycling machines come with a 1-year limited warranty, and we offer customization options to meet specific customer requirements.


The PP PE film shredding and densifying line represents a significant advancement in plastic recycling technology. By efficiently processing and densifying plastic films, this system contributes to more effective recycling processes, reduced environmental impact, and the promotion of a circular economy for plastics.

Main Technical Parameter

Installation power160-200kW200-240kW400-450kW
Knife materialSKD11SKD11SKD11

Reliable, multifunctional extrusion dryer can remove 30% to 3% of moisture from plastic (if it is thin film material from the cleaning line), increase surface density of the material by up to 10 times, and compact the processed material.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.

All of our products can be customized according to customer requirements.


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