Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machines

Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machines,PET Bottle Label Removal Machine


In the world of plastic recycling, the Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machines stand out as a revolutionary advancement. These machines offer an efficient and effective way to remove more than 95% of labels from plastic bottles, thereby enhancing the quality and efficiency of the subsequent recycling process. If you’re looking to upgrade your recycling operations, this machine is an indispensable addition.

@chat_machine The plastic bottle label remover is an indispensable recycling machine for PET bottle recycling that removes more than 95% of the labels from whole plastic bottles. Once the labels are removed, the bottles can be fed into the plastic granulator machine to produce a cleaner stream of PET flakes. #labelremover #recyclingmachine #plasticrecyclingmachine ♬ original sound – 熊猫 – Rumtoo Recycling Machinery

Working Principle

The Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machines operate using a set of sharp, alloy jagged knives that are strategically positioned to cut and peel labels away from the plastic bottles. These knives are mounted on a fast-rotating spindle, which propels the bottles forward. As the labels are cut away, they are either blown into a collection chute or, in the case of the wet version of the machine, sprayed away with water for added cleaning.

Technical Specifications

  • Efficiency: Removes over 95% of labels from plastic bottles
  • Knives: Sharp, alloy jagged knives that can be removed, sharpened, and replaced
  • Cleaning Options: Available in both dry and wet versions for added cleaning
  • Material: Knives are welded by copper for durability
  • Spindle: Fast-rotating spindle to push bottles forward


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Optional Add-Ons

The machine can be customised to meet specific requirements. For instance, the knives can be conveniently removed, sharpened, and then replaced to maintain optimal performance.


The Plastic Bottle Label Removal Machines are not just a piece of equipment; they are a comprehensive solution for enhancing the efficiency of your plastic recycling line. With their advanced features and customisable options, these machines are setting new standards in the recycling industry

Warranty & Support

All our recycling machinery comes with a limited warranty. We also offer installation packages where our engineers travel to your facility to guide you through the installation process.

All of our products can be customized according to customer requirements.


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