Soft Material Single Shaft Shredder Machine

a large industrial single shaft shredder machine, primarily used for processing soft materials like plastics. The main unit is painted in blue and yellow, and it features a large hopper for material input. Insets in the image provide detailed views of the shredder’s cutting mechanism, showing a complex arrangement of sharp, spiraled blades designed to efficiently tear through material. These detailed views highlight the precision engineering involved in constructing such blades, essential for effective shredding operations in recycling or manufacturing processes.

Are you looking for an efficient, reliable, and versatile solution for shredding soft materials? Look no further than our state-of-the-art Soft Material Single Shaft Shredder. Designed to handle a wide range of materials, from industrial waste to domestic garbage, this advanced machine is the key to optimizing your recycling operations.

Key Features of Our Soft Material Single Shaft Shredder:

Innovative Feeding Mechanism: Experience hassle-free shredding with our unique bin design that facilitates overall circular movement, allowing for unlimited feeding and high shredding efficiency without the risk of jamming.

Enhanced Shredding Capacity: With a specially customized spindle featuring a large rotating diameter, our shredder ensures improved contact with materials, boosting production capacity while protecting the shredding surface.

Vibration Reduction Technology: Our advanced coupling connections between transmission components minimize vibrations, enhancing the longevity of both the spindle and reducer and ensuring force is maintained throughout the operation.

Precision Cutting Technology: Dual fixed knives, positioned above and below the spindle, effectively slice through materials, preventing them from wrapping around the shaft and achieving the desired crushed size.

Advanced Control System: Fully automated via a programmable logic controller (PLC), our shredder is equipped with multiple functions including start, stop, reverse, and automatic overload protection, ensuring a stable, safe, and labor-saving operation.

Ideal for Shredding:

• Films and fibers like PE, PP, BOPP, PU, and PET

• Woven bags, tonnage bags, and PET chemical fibers

• Industrial waste cloth and domestic garbage

Technical Parameters:

Shredder modelShaft diameter (mm)Moving knife qty. (pcs)Fixed knife qty. (pcs)Maximum capacity (kg/h)Motor power (KW)Feeding mouth size (L x W)Host weight (kg)Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
XB-L245530024240022800 x 130036003250 x 1500 x 2350
XB-L306330030255030900 x 130040003250 x 1750 x 2350
XB-L3980350392750451100 x 150060004150 x 1900 x 2450
XB-L361004003621200551300 x 180080004700 x 2550 x 2650
XB-L421204004221500751500 x 190095005350 x 2850 x 2760
XB-L6416050064450001322200 x 2200180005900 x 3050 x 2960

Whether you’re looking to process industrial waste cloth, manage domestic garbage, or handle various types of plastics and fibers, our Soft Material Single Shaft Shredder is up to the task. It’s not just a shredder—it’s a pivotal step towards optimizing your waste management process, saving labor costs, and contributing to a greener planet.

Embrace the efficiency of our Soft Material Single Shaft Shredder Machine and transform the way you manage waste today!

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