Automatic Waste Paper and Plastic Baler

Automatic Waste Paper and Plastic Baler

The Automatic Waste Paper and Plastic Baler is a highly efficient machine devised to automate the baling process for various recyclable materials including waste paper, PET, cardboard, and plastics. This innovative baler significantly streamlines operations in recycling facilities by automating material feeding, pressing, and tying, making it a formidable choice for handling high volumes of recyclables. Here’s an in-depth look into its features, working principle, and advantages:

Product Introduction:

Automated Operations:

  • Feeding: The baler is equipped with a conveyor system that automatically feeds materials into the baling chamber.
  • Pressing and Tying: Once in the baling chamber, the machine automatically presses the materials into compact bales and ties them securely for easy handling and transportation.
  • Long Working Hours: Designed with a robust Siemens motor, this baler is built for long operational hours, ensuring maximum productivity and revenue generation​.


1. Efficient Design:

  • The design incorporates a compact structure through the use of a push-needle, automatic binding system, and strategically positioned hydraulic cylinders. This setup allows for easy setting of crucial parameters​.

2. High-Speed Operations:

  • The baler’s high-speed hydraulic oil pump enhances oil delivery speed, thereby improving work efficiency.

3. High-Quality Build:

  • The machine boasts high-quality steel construction, ensuring high bearing capacities, strength, durability, and long-term reliability.

4. Performance:

  • The baler is capable of handling large quantities of waste, with some models having a processing power of up to 20 tons, and a pressure force ranging from 50 tons to 150 tons​.

Working Principle:

  • Material Entry: Recyclables are fed into the machine via a conveyor system.
  • Compression: Once inside, the materials are compressed into compact bales by the pressing mechanism.
  • Tying: After being compressed, the bales are automatically tied for easy handling and transportation.
  • Ejection: The bales are then ejected from the machine, ready for transportation or further processing.

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1. Cost-Efficiency:

  • The automation of the baling process significantly reduces labor costs and increases operational efficiency, leading to higher revenue generation.

2. Improved Material Handling:

  • The automatic tying feature ensures that the bales are secure and easy to handle, reducing the chances of material loss during transportation.

3. Versatility:

  • This baler is not only suitable for waste paper and plastic but also ideal for other materials such as PET, cardboard, and more.

4. High Work Efficiency:

  • The machine’s automation and high-speed operations ensure a swift processing of materials, making it a time-saving and efficient solution for recycling facilities​.

5. Environmental Benefits:

  • By compacting recyclables into manageable bales, this baler contributes to more efficient recycling processes, which in turn helps in conserving resources and reducing environmental pollution.

The Automatic Waste Paper and Plastic Baler is a remarkable addition to any recycling facility looking to enhance its operational efficiency, reduce costs, and boost revenue generation. By automating crucial baling processes, this machine significantly reduces the workload on operators, allowing for a more streamlined and profitable recycling operation.

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Main Motor Power55kw*255kw*245kw*345kw*3
Wire SizeØ3.0-3.6Ø3.0-3.6Ø3.0-3.6Ø3.0-3.6
Bale Size
(L*W*H, L can be adjustable)
Bale Density (OCC)550-600kgs/m3550-600kgs/m3550-600kgs/m3550-600kgs/m3
Throughput (30-60kgs/m315-20tons/h17-25tons/h19-28tons/h20-30tons/h
Machine Weight30tons32tons34tons35tons
Machine Overall
Feeding DeviceConveyorConveyorConveyorConveyor
Overall Dimension16000*2400*6200mm18000*2500*7200mm18000*2500*7200mm18000*2500*7200mm
Scatter (Used for the machines that compress the newspaper)


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