Waste Paper Baling Machine

Waste Paper Baling Machine

The Waste Paper Baling Machine is a robust mechanism employed to compress loose materials like waste paper, plastic films, and PET bottles into compact, tightly bound packages using specialized packaging belts. This action significantly diminishes the volume of the waste, reducing transportation volume, and in turn, saving freight costs. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the machine and its benefits:

Product Description

Employed to compress a variety of loose materials, the Waste Paper Baling Machine facilitates the bundling of these materials with specialized packaging belts. This action considerably reduces the volume of waste, making transportation easier and cost-effective. The operation of this machine is powered by hydraulic pressure and offers both manual and automatic control through a PLC system. The press head, crafted with precision using a special planer, ensures accurate operation. Furthermore, customization is available in terms of the size of the compression chamber and the package block, catering to specific customer requirements.


  • Efficiency and Economy: This machine stands out for its good rigidity, toughness, and stability, coupled with a visually appealing design. Its operation is easy and maintenance is convenient. Despite a low investment cost, its utility is high, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Widespread Usage: Its application is vast, finding utility in waste paper factories, recycling companies, and other enterprises. It’s ideal for packaging and recycling waste paper, plastic straw, etc.
  • Eco-Friendly Operation: By facilitating recycling, it contributes to environmental conservation, aligning with the modern-day emphasis on sustainable operations.
  • Customization: The ability to customize the size of the compression chamber and package block allows for a tailored operation based on individual requirements.
  • Hydraulic Drive and Control Flexibility: The hydraulic drive ensures powerful operation, and the availability of manual or PLC automatic control enhances operational flexibility.

Working Mechanism

The machine utilizes hydraulic pressure to compress loose materials. The operation can be manually controlled or automatically managed via a PLC system. The press head, specifically processed by a special planer, ensures the accurate operation of the press, contributing to the efficient compression and packaging of materials. Moreover, customization is available to meet specific customer requirements regarding the compression chamber and package block sizes.

Application Scope

It’s employed in a variety of settings including waste paper factories, recycling companies, and other similar enterprises. Its versatility is showcased in its ability to handle different materials including waste paper and plastic straw, making it a valuable asset in the recycling sector.

Moreover, from a broader perspective, this machine is an integral part of the recycling infrastructure, aiding in the efficient management and recycling of waste materials, which is crucial in today’s world to ensure environmental sustainability.

Summary from Various Sources:

The Waste Paper Baling Machine is designed to compress and bundle loose materials, reducing their volume significantly to ease transportation and lower freight costs. Its hydraulic drive, coupled with manual or automatic control, ensures efficient operation. With a focus on sustainability, this machine finds extensive application in waste paper factories and recycling enterprises. The customization feature further enhances its appeal, allowing for tailored operations based on specific requirements

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Main Motor Power11kw15kw30kw30kw
Cycle Time (unload)19s23s36s42s
Oil Reservoir240L380L1460L1600L
Number of Belting4lines4lines4lines5lines
Feed Opening Size (L*W)1000*700mm1200*980mm1400*1050mm1800*1050mm
Chamber Size (L*W*H)2200*700*780mm2400*980*780mm3000*1050*830mm3700*1050*1050mm
Bale Size (L*W*H)1000*720*800mm1000*1000*800mm1300*1100*850mm1600*1100*1100mm
Throughput (approx./ depend on the raw material density and the skill of the operators)0.5-1ton/h1-2tons/h1.5-3tons/h2-6tons/h
Machine Weight4tons5.2tons12tons18tons
Machine Overall Dimension5500*1100*2000mm6100*1400*2000mm7450*1600*2300mm8200*1600*3500mm


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