High-Performance Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders 

A high-performance co-rotating twin-screw extruder. The machine features a long, horizontal design with multiple heating zones, a large hopper for material feeding at the top, and a powerful motor at the end. The extruder is designed for efficient and consistent processing of various materials, making it ideal for industrial applications such as plastics compounding, blending, and recycling. The extruder's robust construction and advanced technology ensure high output and reliability.


Unlock the full potential of your industrial applications with Rumtoo, a leading Chinese manufacturer renowned for our co-rotating twin screw plastic extruders. Our extensive experience and innovative technology cater to a broad range of industries, including plastics, chemicals, and food production.

Why Choose Rumtoo’s Twin Screw Extruders?

1. Versatile Applications:
Our twin screw extruders excel in various sectors such as plastics, chemicals, compounding, powder coatings, food industries, and wood-plastic composites. This versatility ensures you have the technology to push the boundaries of production and innovation.

2. Advanced Technical Characteristics:

  • Modular Design: Our screws and barrels are designed based on a building block principle, allowing for easy customization and upgrades.
  • High-Performance Series: Our RTM series includes models from 20mm to 200mm, each defined by different rotary speeds and torque classes to match your specific production needs.
  • Enhanced Plasticizing and Compounding Units: Featuring closely intermeshed screw elements for superior self-wiping and interchangeability, our extruders ensure optimal performance and flexibility.

3. Exceptional Power Transmission System:
Experience reliability like never before with our state-of-the-art torque distribution system. Our extruders feature high precision grinding of hardened gear teeth, imported high-quality bearings, and an integrated lubrication system that collectively enhances durability and performance.

4. Premium Material Construction:
Rumtoo extruders are built with top-quality materials suited for various process requirements. Each unit is assembled on a robust welding base with special adjustment pads and stainless steel covers for optimal heat preservation.

5. Innovative Screen Changer Technology:
Choose from a variety of screen changers, including basket, plate-type, and continuous models, to keep your operations running smoothly without interruptions.

Product Specifications:

ModelDiameter(mm)Max. L/DSpeed(rpm)Power(kw)Output(kg/h)
RTM 52B51.46860055150~250
RTM 65B62.46860090200~350
RTM 75B71.468600132400~600
RTM 85B8168600250600~900
RTM 95B9368600315800~1200
RTM 120B116685004501300~2000
RTM 135B133685009002500~4000
**Alt Text:** A close-up view of a gearbox with its internal components exposed. The image showcases the intricate arrangement of gears, shafts, and bearings inside the metal housing. The gears are made of high-strength steel, indicating durability and precision engineering. This gearbox is designed for industrial applications, providing efficient power transmission and reducing mechanical wear. The sturdy construction and detailed design highlight its reliability and capability to handle heavy-duty tasks.


With over 20 years of specialized expertise in screw design and manufacturing, Rumtoo stands at the forefront of the extrusion technology industry. Whether you’re looking to enhance your production in the plastic, chemical, or food sectors, our co-rotating twin screw extruders are engineered to elevate your operational capabilities to new heights.

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