Single Shaft Shredders with Drawer

A single-shaft shredder designed for industrial use. The machine features a large green body with a white and yellow feed hopper on top, equipped with a conveyor belt system for material input. It includes a control panel for easy operation and monitoring, and a yellow safety railing for secure access to the top. The robust construction highlights its capability to handle heavy-duty shredding tasks efficiently, making it ideal for recycling and waste management applications. The colorful “Single Shaft Shredder” text on the right emphasizes the machine’s specific function.


Explore the unparalleled strength and versatility of the Rumtoo Single Shaft Shredder with Drawer. This machine is engineered to tackle the toughest shredding tasks in various materials, enhancing recycling processes across multiple industries.

Key Features:

Diverse Material Handling: Capable of processing plastics, wood, paper, textiles, tires, and more, our single shaft shredder is the solution to your recycling needs.

Designed for Tough Jobs: From thick plastic blocks to extruded polymer tubing, this shredder manages materials other machines can’t handle.

Quiet and Efficient Operation: Operates at a slow speed of 60-100 RPM, making it a quieter, more efficient choice for material reduction.

 Single Shaft Shredders with Drawer-01

Detailed Functionality:

Advanced Cutting Technology: Features unique square knives attached to a robust rotor in a staggered pattern, ensuring consistent shredding.

Hydraulic Assistance: A hydraulic drawer assists in material feed, ensuring optimal contact with the rotor for precise shredding.

Screen Filter System: Continuously shreds material until it is small enough to pass through the screen filter, allowing for customized output sizes.

Build Quality and Durability:

Heavy-Duty Construction: Utilizes high-thickness plates and tubes to withstand the most demanding tasks.

High-Quality Materials: Employs reinforced square knives made from top-grade SKD11 steel to maintain sharpness and durability.

User-Friendly Design:

Motorized Chamber Access: Simplifies maintenance with motorized access to the cutting chamber.

Easy Screen Replacement: Features motor-assisted screen changes, making it user-friendly and less time-consuming.


Model #Main Motor PowerHydraulic Motor PowerRotary DiameterRotating Speed (RPM)Approx. Capacity (KG/H)
DS-60030 KW4 KW400mm85400-600
DS-80045 KW4 KW400mm85600-800
DS-100037 KW x 25.5 KW450mm80800-1200
DS-120045 KW x 25.5 KW550mm701500-2000


The Rumtoo Single Shaft Shredder is not just a piece of machinery; it’s a vital tool for enhancing efficiency in waste management and recycling. Its sturdy design and advanced features make it indispensable in any tough recycling or waste management setting.

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