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This article comprehensively introduces key equipment and processes in plastic film washing lines, including shredding, washing, separation, and drying stages. It compares the pros and cons of shredders and crushers in detail, and analyzes the working principles of washing equipment such as high-speed friction washers and floating tanks. The article also discusses how to customize washing lines based on raw material characteristics and production requirements, providing practical technical guidance and equipment selection advice for plastic recycling enterprises.
The PP PE film shredding and densifying line represents a breakthrough in plastic recycling technology. This innovative system efficiently processes dirty bales of PP/PE films through a four-stage process: shredding, wet granulation, sink/float separation, and densification. By transforming waste plastic films into high-density pellets, this technology not only enhances recycling efficiency but also contributes significantly to environmental preservation and the circular economy of plastics. With customizable options and the ability to increase material density up to 410 kg/m3, it offers a versatile solution for modern recycling challenges.
Our company leads in providing Plastic Film Recycling Washing Lines, catering to a range of recycling needs from small-scale operations to large-scale industrial setups. Our comprehensive washing lines process various types of plastic films such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). These fully automated lines integrate advanced shredding, washing, separation, and pelletizing technologies, ensuring high efficiency and minimal waste. Our systems are designed not only to meet but exceed environmental standards, reducing the carbon footprint of plastic waste and supporting sustainable business practices.