Machine for Pelletizing Rigid PP and HDPE Plastic Flakes



In the realm of plastic recycling, the transformation of rigid PP and HDPE plastic flakes into reusable pellets is a game-changer. The Machine for Pelletizing Rigid PP and HDPE Plastic Flakes is a two-stage system that efficiently converts these flakes into high-quality pellets. These pellets, in turn, serve as a valuable resource for various plastic manufacturing processes, including injection moulding.

Working Principle

  1. Feeding: The machine employs screw conveyors, controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), to feed the flakes into the extruders. The VFD system ensures a consistent feed rate and automatically halts when the electric current in the extruder spikes, resuming only when it stabilises.
  2. Plasticization and Degassing: A dedicated single-screw extruder meticulously melts the pre-compacted material. The plastic undergoes a two-stage melting process, ensuring thorough plasticisation. An innovative “dual-zone” vacuum degassing system efficiently removes volatiles and moisture, resulting in uniform and high-quality pellets.
  3. Melt Filtration: The machine boasts a segmented filtration system. The primary extruder tackles coarse contaminants, while the secondary extruder, equipped with a high mesh filter, eliminates fine particles. This dual filtration reduces the need for frequent filter replacements.
  4. Pelletizing: The melted plastic is transformed into granules using a standard die-face water ring pelletizing system. Once formed, the pellets undergo drying through an advanced dewatering vibration sieve, paired with a horizontal-type centrifugal dewatering machine, ensuring they’re ready for storage or immediate use.





The Machine for Pelletizing Rigid PP and HDPE Plastic Flakes stands as a testament to the advancements in plastic recycling technology. By converting plastic flakes into high-quality pellets, it not only promotes sustainability but also offers industries a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.


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