HDPE Pipe Shredder Machine

Shredding lengthy plastic pipes, especially those made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), has always posed a challenge due to their extended length and the intricacies involved in feeding them into traditional shredding machines. However, with the introduction of the HDPE Pipe Shredder Machine, this process has been revolutionised.


The HDPE Pipe Shredder Machine is a groundbreaking solution designed to enhance the efficiency of recycling plants dealing with long plastic pipes. This innovative machine is a testament to the advancements in recycling technology, ensuring that HDPE pipes are processed with ease and efficiency.

Working Principle

The machine boasts a horizontal feeding dock, a unique feature that simplifies the task of feeding long plastic pipes. Once a pipe, even those as long as 5 meters with diameters reaching up to 650 mm, is placed on this dock, a hydraulic arm takes over. This arm automatically feeds the pipe into a single-shaft shredder machine. The result? Regrind material of approximately 120mm x 40mm in size. For those in need of even smaller regrinds, these larger chips can be further reduced in size using a plastic granulator machine, achieving sizes under 20mm.


ModelRotor DiameterRotary SpeedMotor PowerCapacity
CS-600⌀600 mm60 rpm2x 37 kw1200 kg/hr
CS-800⌀800 mm46 rpm2x 45 kw2000 kg/hr
CS-1000⌀1000 mm40 rpm2x 55 kw1500 kg/hr
CS-1500⌀1500 mm30 rpm2x 75 kw2000 kg/hr


HDPE Pipe Shredder-01

HDPE Pipe Shredder-02


In conclusion, the HDPE Pipe Shredder Machine is a game-changer in the world of plastic recycling. Not only does it save time and reduce manual labour, but it also ensures that HDPE pipes are recycled efficiently, contributing to a greener planet. With a 1-year limited warranty, it’s an investment that promises reliability and performance.


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