Thermal Drying Machine: Efficient Solutions for Industrial Drying

This image features a thermal drying machine, which is part of an industrial system designed to dry materials by using heat. The setup includes a series of metal pipes and cylinders, likely for the conveyance of materials and hot air. Several motors and mechanical components visible in the image suggest that this system operates with a combination of heat and mechanical movement to achieve efficient drying. The use of stainless steel and the robust structure indicate it's built for durability and high performance in industrial settings.

Following the dewatering stage in plastic recycling, particularly for film and PET, a Thermal Drying Machine plays a crucial role in achieving the low moisture levels required for high-quality recycled plastics.

How it Works:

This machine utilizes hot air to effectively dehydrate plastic materials. After dewatering, the material is conveyed into a long stainless steel tubing system where it comes into contact with hot air, similar to a hair dryer. This process significantly reduces moisture content.

Enhanced Drying with Cyclone Separation:

Many thermal dryers incorporate a cyclone separator. This component introduces cool air, further reducing residual moisture and effectively removing dust and fines from the material stream, resulting in cleaner, drier plastic.

Achieving Optimal Moisture Levels:

Typically installed after the dewatering machine, the thermal dryer is essential for bringing down moisture content to below 3%. For larger operations requiring ultra-low moisture levels, multiple thermal heaters can be used in sequence.

Specifications and Customization:

Thermal dryers come in various sizes and configurations to meet specific needs. For example, the RSJ800 model boasts a 5.5 KW blower power, 36 KW heating power, a 159mm diameter pipe made from durable type 304 stainless steel, and CE certification. Larger and more powerful models are available for higher throughput requirements.


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