Thermal drying machine

Thermal drying machine

A thermal dryer is a critical device in the plastic recycling process, particularly after the dewatering stage in film and PET washing lines. It operates on the principle of using hot air to dehydrate the plastic material, similar to how a hair dryer works. After the material undergoes dewatering, it is vacuumed out and comes into contact with hot air inside a lengthy stainless steel tubing system. This process effectively reduces moisture levels. With the addition of a cyclone separator, which introduces cool air, the process further reduces residual moisture and removes dust and fines from the material stream

The dryer is typically installed after the dewatering machine and is an essential step to bring down moisture content to below 3%. For larger operations, multiple thermal heaters may be used in sequence to achieve the lowest possible moisture levels

In terms of specifications, one example is the RSJ800 model, which features a 5.5 KW blower power and 36 KW heating power, with a pipe diameter of 159mm made from type 304 stainless steel. This model also offers CE certification, with options for larger and more powerful models based on specific needs

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