PET Bottle / Cans Balers

PET Bottle / Cans Balers


This machine is specifically designed for recycling cans, PET bottles, and oil tanks. The long ram ensures efficient compression of bottles or cans at the bottom. An optional liquid receiver can collect any residue from the compressed containers.


  • Automatic chain bale ejector for quickly and easily ejecting the bales out from the machine
  • The ram will stop running downwards when the feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation
  • Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation
  • Equipped with Euro and U.S standard anti-rebound gate structure which makes sure the safety of operation
  • Special ram guides design makes the platen not slope because of uneven materials feedings during compression
  • Equipped with NOK seals that  from Japan means longer lifespan of the seals
  • Equipped with A.M.C. oil pipe joints that from Japan ensures the machine far away from oil leakage problems
  • Peculiar combination of motor and pump with direct-crossed connection makes sure 100 percent concentricity, which replacing the common coupling connection so that extend the lifespan of the pump

PET Bottle /Cans Balers-02

PET Bottle /Cans Balers-03


Feed Opening Size(L*H)800*500mm1000*500mm1100*500mm1200*500mm
Baling Chamber Height1500mm1500mm1500mm1700mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable)800*600*(200-1000)mm1000*600*(300-1000)mm1100*700*(300-1000)mm1200*800*(300-1200)mm
Bale Weight30-120kgs60-180kgs90-270kgs200-380kgs
Machine Weight1400kgs1700kgs1900kgs2500kgs
Machine Overall Dimension1280*850*3300mm1480*1000*3400mm1600*1100*3500mm1700*1200*3900mm


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