PET Plastic Flake Single Screw Pelletizer

PET Plastic Flake Single Screw Pelletizer


The increasing demand for sustainable solutions has led to the growth of PET bottle recycling plants. These plants primarily focus on transforming dirty and highly contaminated PET plastic bottles into usable PET flakes. However, the application of PET flakes is limited. To expand their utility, many industries are now converting these clean PET flakes into versatile PET plastic pellets. These pellets find extensive use in various plastic production processes, including injection moulding and sheet production.

Working Principle

  1. Feeding and Moisture Removal: An automated system controls the feeding speed, ensuring optimal input. A compactor then removes moisture from the PET flakes, crucial for maintaining the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the material.
  2. Single Screw Extrusion: The PET material undergoes compacting, melting, and homogenisation, driven by a high-quality nitride steel screw. This process ensures the material is prepared for pelletisation.
  3. Barrel Processing: The barrel, paired with the screw, is made of nitride steel. It heats the plastic, melting it while maintaining its quality. The barrel also houses temperature sensors and cooling fans for precise temperature control.
  4. Vacuum Degassing: This step removes low molecular weight materials and any residual moisture from the melted PET plastic, ensuring the purity of the final product.
  5. Plasticising and Degassing: A specialised single-screw extruder melts the PET plastic. A double-zone vacuum degassing system then removes any volatiles present.
  6. Melt Filtration: Depending on the input material quality and pellet application, a specific filtration technology is employed to ensure the purity of the melted plastic.
  7. Pelletising: The underwater pelletising system transforms the melted PET flakes into granules, ensuring optimal quality.
  8. Vibration Drying and Bagging: The pellets undergo drying using a vibration sieve combined with a centrifugal dryer. The dried pellets are then bagged, ready for distribution.

Technical Specifications

ModelMotor PowerOutput (kg/h)


PET Plastic Flake Single Screw Pelletizer-02Conclusion

The PET Plastic Flake Single Screw Pelletizer offers an innovative solution for industries looking to maximise the utility of PET flakes. With its advanced technology and efficient processing, it promises high-quality PET pellets, paving the way for sustainable plastic production.


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