Friction Screw Washer Machine

In the realm of plastic recycling, ensuring the cleanliness and purity of the material is paramount. One machine that stands out in achieving this is the cost-effective Friction Screw Washer Machine, a specially designed apparatus for cleaning and transporting plastic flakes, films, and regrind materials from one machinery to another. This machine is akin to the more robust high-speed friction washer system, with friction being the core method employed for cleaning and scrubbing off dirt and other potential contaminants.

Working Principle

The Friction Screw Washer Machine houses a rotor within, adorned with many slanted paddles. As the rotor spins at a speed ranging between 500-600 RPM, it causes the plastic stream inside to scrub against each other vigorously. During this process, water is sprayed through the filter nets, leading to the complete separation and removal of soil, sand, and other contaminations from the plastic materials.

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Key Features

  1. Continuous Operation: The machine operates continuously, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted cleaning process.
  2. Water Inlet and Draining Outlet: It comes equipped with a water inlet at the top and a draining outlet at the bottom, which facilitates the automatic drainage of wastewater along with impurities.
  3. Special Water Spraying Design: The machine boasts a special water spraying design coupled with a high-speed running screw to ensure the best cleaning effect on the materials.

Technical Specifications

  • Model LX-400: Comes with a motor power of 11KW, rotor diameter of 400mm, and a rotor speed of 520RPM.
  • Model LX-450: Features a motor power of 15KW, rotor diameter of 450mm, and a rotor speed of 520RPM.
  • Model LX-550: This model has a motor power of 22KW, rotor diameter of 500mm, and a rotor speed of 520RPM.

All models are crafted from SUS304 material, ensuring durability and long-term use. Moreover, they are available with CE certification, and there are larger, more powerful models available based on your request.

The Friction Screw Washer Machine is an epitome of how a simple principle of friction can be harnessed to achieve a clean, contamination-free plastic material, ready for further processing or recycling. Its design ensures not only effective cleaning but also a significant reduction in the manual labor and time involved in the cleaning process of plastic materials.

Another noteworthy mention is the friction washer machine which is used to remove dirt and contaminants from plastic flakes and films. It comes with a large rotor with several arrays of paddles, a dewatering screen, and a cleaning manifold for water injection, all accumulated on an inclined frame​1​​2​.

In summary, investing in a Friction Screw Washer Machine could significantly upscale the efficiency and quality of your plastic recycling operation.


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