Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine

Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine

In the realm of plastic recycling, the Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine emerges as a groundbreaking solution aimed at enhancing the efficiency of drying and granulating washed film. This machine is tailored to address the challenges associated with the recycling process of plastic films. Through its cutting-edge design and operational principles, it significantly minimizes the moisture content while ensuring the granulation of the film, thus paving the way for subsequent processing steps.

Working Principle

The Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine operates by taking in washed film which is then subjected to a squeezing and agitating process within its robustly constructed chamber. Through the motion generated by the machine’s rotor, the film undergoes intense squeezing which results in the substantial reduction of moisture content. Concurrently, the machine facilitates the granulation of the film, transforming it into a state ready for the next phase of the recycling process.

Within the operational chamber, the strategic placement of blades ensures that the film is adequately granulated while the squeezing action is taking place. This dual action of drying and granulating is what sets the Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine apart from conventional drying systems.

Key Features

  • Efficient Drying and Granulating: The machine excels in reducing the moisture content of the washed film to a level that is optimal for the ensuing recycling steps. Moreover, the granulating action ensures that the film is in the right state for further processing.
  • High-Capacity Processing: Engineered to handle substantial amounts of material, this machine is an asset for recycling operations looking to optimize throughput and minimize downtime.
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance: Designed with user-friendly interfaces, the Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine facilitates ease of operation and maintenance, thereby reducing operational hassles and ensuring longevity.
  • Customizable Configurations: The machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different recycling operations, making it a flexible choice for a diverse range of applications.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: By leveraging advanced design principles, the machine operates with a high level of energy efficiency, thus contributing to lower operational costs.


The Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine finds its application in the realms of plastic recycling facilities, particularly those dealing with the recycling of plastic films. Its ability to efficiently dry and granulate washed film makes it a crucial part of the recycling process, ensuring that the material is ready for subsequent processing steps.

In conclusion, investing in a Washed Film Squeezer Granulating Machine is a prudent decision for recycling facilities aiming to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Through its innovative design and operational efficiency, this machine significantly contributes towards achieving a streamlined and productive recycling process.


Plastic Type PP/PE
Equipment List Trommer, Pre-washer, Bale Opener, Dewatering Machine, Floating Washing Tank, Hot Air Dryer, Frication Washer, Label Separator, Label Remover, Hot Washing Tank
Weight (T) 30
Warranty 1 Year
Key Selling Points Multifunctional plastic squeezer
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant, plastic recycling plant, film plastic recycling plant, bag plastic recycling plant, fabric plastic recycling plant, fiber plastic recycling plant, bottle plastic recycling plant, film washing plant, bag washing plant, bottle washing plant, plastic washing plant
Machinery Test Report Provided
Warranty of core components 1 Year
Core Components PLC, Engine, Bearing, Gearbox, Motor, Pressure vessel, Gear, Pump
Brand Name
Application plastic squeezer machine
Automatic Grade Automatic
Production Capacity (kg/h) 500 – 5000
Voltage 380V
Power (kW) 200kW
Name Washed Film Squeezer Using in recycling
Material Processed PP PE Plastic Film woven bags
Final product Clean flakes
Function crushing washing drying plastic
Service system Arrange engineer to debugging the machine in buyer’s factory
Inverter Delta/Siemens/ABB
Keywords PE Film PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line
Related products PE PP Recycling Granulating
Processed material PP PE Waste Plastic Film
Crushing way Waste Plastic Crushing Machine
Marketing Type Ordinary Product squeezer


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