Recycling Video

@chat_machine The plastic bottle label remover is an indispensable recycling machine for PET bottle recycling that removes more than 95% of the labels from whole plastic bottles. Once the labels are removed, the bottles can be fed into the plastic granulator machine to produce a cleaner stream of PET flakes. #labelremover #recyclingmachine #plasticrecyclingmachine ♬ original sound – 熊猫 – Rumtoo Recycling Machinery

@chat_machine Non-woven pelletizing machine , 👇 Click the ‘Learn More’ button below to explore our range of products! 👇 📱 Follow us for updates on the latest in plastic recycling machine! 📱 #pelletmachine #pelletizingmachine #nonwovenmachine #recyclingmachine ♬ Walker – Official Sound Studio