Manual Baling Machine

Manual Baling Machine

The Manual Baling Machine is a convenient and economical piece of equipment that aids in condensing loose materials such as waste paper, plastic film, or PET bottles, and bundling them with a special packaging belt. This compression significantly diminishes the volume of the materials, facilitating more manageable transportation and reducing freight costs. This equipment can be operated manually or through PLC control, driven by hydraulic pressure. The press head, processed by a special planer, ensures precise operation. The size of the compression chamber and package block can be customized to meet customer requirements, showcasing the machine’s adaptability​.

Product Description:

  • Primary Use: Condensing loose materials for easier handling and transportation.
  • Materials Handled: Waste paper, plastic film, PET bottles, and more.
  • Operation: Manual operation or PLC controlled, hydraulic-driven.
  • Customization: Compression chamber and package block size can be tailored to customer needs.


  • Efficiency and Cost-Savings: By reducing the volume of the materials, transportation costs are minimized. The machinery is described as having good rigidity, toughness, stability, and is energy-saving.
  • Versatile Application: Finds use in various settings including waste paper factories, recycling companies, and other enterprises.
  • Design: Built for durability with high-quality steel, ensuring long-term use without a high investment cost.
  • Ease of Operation and Maintenance: The machine is user-friendly, ensuring a smooth operational experience.

Working Principle:

  • Compression and Packaging: The machine compresses loose materials and bundles them with a special packaging belt. This is facilitated by a spring-loaded Compressing Lever in some models, which helps in effectively making bales​.


  • Wider Usability: Besides the packaging plants and small waste disposal centers, the manual baling machine also finds applications in paper mills, due to its easy installation and operation​.

Additional Features:

Some models of manual baling machines come with advanced features like ratchet pressing mechanisms, which offer increased capacity to compress more material, thus enhancing safety and ease of operation. Moreover, certain designs provide a second door for easy removal of the formed bale, illustrating a thoughtful design aimed at simplifying the baling process​.

The Manual Baling Machine is an instrumental asset in recycling and waste management operations, offering a blend of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and operational simplicity.

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Feed opening size (L*H)1100*500mm1200*500mm1500*500mm1800*500mm
Bale size(L*W*H)1100*700*(500-900)mm1200*800*(600-1000)mm1500*760*(600-1000)mm1800*1000*(350-1050)mm


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