CHINAPLAS 2024 Grand opening

Reaching new heights! On the opening day, 93,241 elites parachuted in, surging by 34.66%! The domineering return show of CHINAPLAS ignited Shanghai!

CHINAPLAS 2024 witnessed a record-breaking attendance of 93,241 visitors on its opening day, including 19,380 from overseas, setting a new high for the daily number of international guests.

As the iconic exhibition progresses into its second day, a plethora of plastic and rubber technologies are on display. Among these, solutions that offer cost savings and high efficiency are particularly captivating for attendees.

In the prevailing global economic landscape, it is crucial for manufacturers to embrace cost-saving production strategies to enhance competitive advantage, increase flexibility, boost profitability, and promote sustainability.

Manufacturers who adopt such strategies can deliver products or services at reduced prices without compromising quality, potentially capturing a larger market share and increasing profit margins.

Recently, “new productivity” has surged in popularity, with nearly ten emerging and future-focused industries drawing significant attention. These sectors, including new energy vehicles, emerging hydrogen energy, new materials, innovative medicines, biomanufacturing, commercial aerospace, and the low-altitude economy, are thriving with limitless innovations. For instance, in 2023, China’s new energy vehicle industry saw a year-on-year increase of 35.8% in production and 37.9% in sales, with exports rising by 67.1%, claiming over 60% of the global market share.

Behind this wave of industrial innovation lies crucial support from upstream suppliers, including advancements in new plastics and rubber materials, equipment, and processes. At CHINAPLAS 2024, visitors are introduced to an array of cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of downstream applications. Innovations on display include specialized silicone elastomers for new energy vehicles, materials that enhance lightweighting, efficient thermal management, and recyclability in solid-state battery packs, and halogen-free flame-retardant reinforced PA66 used in high-voltage connectors. Additionally, technologies like POE and silane-grafted olefin polymers, light stabilizers for photovoltaic adhesive films, ETFE films to boost photovoltaic module efficiency, solar automatic dies, medical-grade PLA and PEEK 3D filament extrusion equipment, biodegradable bone nail injection molding technology, customized recycling solutions for packaging, PHA special modified materials, and high-strength materials for use in aerospace, aviation, and rail transportation, are showcased.

The exhibition hosts over 3,800 machinery exhibits, more than 1,500 raw material suppliers, and 200 debuts of global and Asian technologies, making it a premier platform for groundbreaking technologies. Concurrently, the World Trends and Plastics and Rubber Technology Summit attracts visitors with its focus on artificial intelligence, the internet of things, photovoltaic and wind power, green hydrogen storage, new energy vehicles, and lithium battery technology. Discussions explore major trends, opportunities, and challenges in the global plastics and rubber industries, digitalization for industrial transformation and sustainability, innovative technologies for electric vehicles, and green energy.

The Tech Talk segment highlights five main themes: Eco-friendly Solutions, Advanced Packaging Solutions, Automotive Plastic Solutions, 3D Printing, and New Materials for 2024, unveiling over 30 of the latest and most revolutionary technologies. Additionally, the Application in Focus sessions feature 10 thematic seminars covering over 60 topical issues such as photoelectric cables, low-carbon energy, medical sterilization packaging, integrated biomedical engineering, ready-meal packaging, automobile safety, and environmental protection.

This year’s exhibition emphasizes “Circular Economy,” “Innovative Materials,” “Digitalization,” and “High-end Technologies from China,” showcasing collaborations with leading exhibitors to present state-of-the-art innovations and demonstrate the advancement and “new productive forces” of the plastics and rubber industries. Efforts are focused on fostering collaborative innovation among upstream and downstream sectors to accelerate the development of these “new productive forces.”

The exhibition’s 17 theme zones highlight eco-friendly manufacturing initiatives, such as the Recycling Technology Zone, Bioplastics Zone, and Recycled Plastics Zone, aiming to explore the vast potential of the circular economy. Technologies on display include 90% post-consumer recycled polycarbonate, mass-balanced PA66 incorporating Asian post-consumer plastic waste, chemically recycled medical-grade ABS materials, sustainable TPE, bottle flake sorting machines, and more.

Material innovation continues to drive technological breakthroughs and upgrades across various industries. With over 1,500 raw material suppliers, the exhibition features a wide range of innovative materials, including the world’s first PA12 powder for 3D printing derived from biologically recycled materials, non-food bottle caps made from post-consumer recycled PP plastic, inorganic antibacterial additives, graphene masterbatch, and more.

In the digital economy theme zones, visitors discover innovative solutions encompassing machine learning, artificial intelligence, mold monitoring, data and image monitoring, vision inspection systems, fully servo-automatic blow molding, system integration, collaborative robots, modular design systems, solutions for automated interconnection of multiple production processes, in-mold painting technology, upgraded versions of high-speed, highly stable robotic arms, and turnkey solutions for highly integrated medical pipette tips.

Local enterprises play a significant role, with over 800 Chinese companies recognized as “Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” and more than 250 awarded as “Little Giants.” They showcase innovations such as two-plate intelligent injection molding machines, high-speed precision injection molding machines, and cutting-edge 56-layer nano-wrap film production lines, demonstrating “High-end Technologies from China” to the global audience.

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The Plastics Recycling & Circular Economy Conference and Showcase, held on April 22, gathered over 1,000 industry leaders who shared insights on “Plastic Recycling and Fashion Trends,” “Recycling and New Plastics Economy,” and “Industrial Linkage and Low Carbon in All Fields.”