PET Bottle Washing Line To South Africa


We are pleased to announce that we have successfully delivered a PET bottle washing line to our client in South Africa. The washing line is designed to recycle waste PET bottles into clean and high-quality flakes for further processing. The washing line consists of several modules, such as bale breaker, label remover, crusher, hot washer, friction washer, dewatering machine and storage silo. The washing line has a capacity of 2 tons per hour and can handle different types of PET bottles. The washing line is easy to operate and maintain, and has a low energy consumption and environmental impact. We thank our client for choosing us as their partner and we look forward to a long-term cooperation.


  • Project Name PET Bottle Washing Line To South Africa
  • Category Project Case
  • Delivery Mode Stipulated Price
  • Location South Africa
  • Year Built 2021



Ship To South Africa

Capacity 500kg/h

Raw material: waste plastic pet bottle

Finished product: Clean PET flakes:

1. water content <= 0.7%

2. stacking density: 0.25-0.35 g/m³

3. flakes size: 6-14mm (the size can be design according to customer request)

8-12mm ≥ 95%

≥12mm: ≤ 2%

fine granule: ≤ 2%;

powder: ≤ 1%

Total electrical needed: about 280kw(actual consumption:(70%-80%)

Size:80м*6м*5м, the height of factory must be over 6M, production line can be placed in a line or an angle (Need to provide plant lay out drawing.)

Water needed: about 8-10t/h. Equip with water treatment if needed.

PET Bottle Washing Line To South Africa