500kg/h PE Film washing recycling line


A 500kg/h PE film washing recycling line is a system that can process various types of plastic films, such as agricultural films, packaging films, and shopping bags, and turn them into clean and dry flakes that can be used for making new products. The line consists of several machines, such as a crusher, a friction washer, a floating washer, a dewatering machine, and a dryer. The line can handle different levels of contamination and dirt on the films, and can also separate different materials, such as PE, PP, PET, PVC, etc. The line is designed to be energy-efficient, easy to operate, and environmentally friendly. The 500kg/h PE film washing recycling line is a professional solution for plastic film recycling.


  • Project Name PE Film Washing And Recycling Line
  • Category Project Case
  • Delivery Mode Stipulated Price
  • Location USA
  • Year Built 2021

Product Description


The complete line include:

  1. Belt Conveyor: transports the waste plastic film to the crusher for shredding.
  2. Crusher: cuts the film into small pieces for easier washing and drying.
  3. Low speed friction washer: removes dirt, sand and other impurities from the film surface by friction force.
  4. High speed friction washer: further cleans the film by centrifugal force and hot water spraying.
  5. Floating washer: separates the film from other materials (such as metal, paper, etc.) by density difference and water flow.
  6. Friction washer: dries the film by squeezing out the water and removing any remaining contaminants.
  7. Floating washer: repeats the separation process to ensure high purity of the film.
  8. Friction washer: repeats the drying process to reduce the moisture content of the film.
  9. Film squeezing granulator: melts and extrudes the film into granules for easy storage and transportation.
  10. Silo: stores the granules until they are ready for further processing or selling.
500kg/h PE Film washing recycling line 2