PET Bottle Vertical Baler Machine Trial Run

PET Bottle Vertical Baler Machine Trial Run

A PET Bottle Vertical Baler is a type of recycling machinery used to compress PET bottles and aluminum cans into compact bales, making them easier to transport and recycle. Features of such balers typically include:

– An efficient, labor-saving ejecting system for the bales.
– Long cylinder strokes for full product compaction.
– Liquid drainage channels to remove liquid from the baler.
– Simple electric controls for ease of operation.
– High volume reduction ratio, which helps in reducing space.
– Adjustable bale height for creating the desired bale size.
– Safety features like feed gate interlock systems and emergency stop buttons.
– Options for automatic feeding conveyors and ram ejectors to maximize output


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.