250kg/h HDPE Pelletizing Machine Trial run

250kg/h HDPE Pelletizing Machine Trial run

HDPE Pelletizing Machines are engineered to efficiently recycle washed PP HDPE rigid plastic flakes into high-quality pellets, which can be used to create various plastic products. The working principle involves several stages:

  1. Feeding: A screw feeder delivers plastic scraps into the hopper.
  2. Plasticization and Degassing: A specialized single screw extruder melts and plasticizes the material, removing volatiles through a double-zone vacuum degassing system.
  3. Filtration: A non-stop hydraulic screen filter changer performs double-stage filtering for a clean output.
  4. Cooling: The melted plastic is then cooled in a water trough.
  5. Cutting Pelletizing: Finally, the material is cut into pellets, ready for use in manufacturing plastic chairs, profiles, bottles, pipes, and sheets​​.

The advantages of HDPE Pelletizing Machines include a very low labor requirement due to automation and stable, reliable running of the machine, ensuring consistent output​​.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.