125T Horizontal hydraulic baler Trial run

125T Horizontal hydraulic baler Trial run

Horizontal hydraulic balers are efficient machines used in various industries for the compression of materials like film, cardboard, and paper into high-density bales. These bales have optimized weight and reduced volume, which maximizes the capacity of vehicles transporting them, thus reducing costs. Moreover, cleanly sorted bales can be sold, converting what would be waste into a revenue stream, which helps to quickly recoup the investment in the baler​​.

These balers are versatile, serving sectors such as waste management, logistics, and retail. They can handle an array of materials, including foams and polystyrene, and are designed for ease of use with features like large loading apertures for bulky items and options for manual or automatic loading, reducing the time and labor typically required for such tasks​​.

Advantages of horizontal hydraulic balers include eliminating the need to pre-crush materials, less loading time, and reduced need for manual handling, which streamlines operations​​. The design ensures safety and simplicity, with features like an electrically secured bale ejection door and automatic bale ejection, allowing bales to be easily moved to storage, saving space​​.


All recycling machines come with a 1 year limited warranty.