1000kg/h PP PE plastic film shredding trial run

Water ring cutting plastic granulator - Trial Run


PP PE plastic film shredding video demonstrates the process of crushing PP PE plastic film. In the video, a worker puts the PP PE plastic film into the crusher. The crusher is driven by a motor, and the blades rotate at high speed to cut the plastic film into small pieces. The small pieces of plastic film are further crushed in the crusher and eventually become plastic fragments. These fragments can be recycled and used to produce new plastic products.

The structure and working principle of the crusher are also introduced in the video. The crusher consists of a mainframe, blades, motor, etc. The mainframe is made of steel plate, which makes it sturdy and durable. The blades are made of high-hardness steel material that effectively cuts through the plastic film. The motor provides power to drive the blades to rotate at high speed.

At last in the video, a worker loads the plastic fragments into an aggregate container. These fragments will be transported to a recycling plant for further processing.


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